Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Our organization has set out with the idea that environmental sensitivities should be considered as a primary priority while determining its working methods. In the light of this awareness, it has determined the development of every process in our production in an environmentally sustainable, environmentally friendly and remedial way as its goal and principle.

Our organization; It is committed to continuously improving our potential and performance in every field for an environmentally sensitive and sustainable environment by producing planning and implementation strategies in line with the principles stated below:

  • The standards specified in all relevant legal regulations are put into practice.
  • In order to reduce the use of natural resources, reusable and recyclable materials are consumed as much as possible.
  • Wastes arising from our Production and Service activities are minimized whenever applicable and at every site.
  • Environmental criteria are taken into account while making investment decisions.
  • We implement and follow the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, which we maintain, in all our processes.
  • By adopting a risk-based approach within the framework of our environmental dimensions, we determine our process risks and take precautions regarding these risks.
  • In order to be successful in contributing to the environment, we provide information to our customers, employees, suppliers and local governments about the problems that may arise in the environment of our factory, our goals, achievements and environmental protection strategies.
  • Taking into account the environmental concerns and suggestions of our neighbors, customers and employees, we contribute to the development of our environmental activities. For this purpose, projects are created and support is tried to be given.
  • We are aware of the importance of the environment for our future, and we ensure that the impact of our business's activities on the environment is kept as low as possible by implementing an eco-efficient environmental policy. Environmental pollution is prevented by the rational use of natural resources and energy.
  • It plans and carries out all its activities within the framework of the principle of constantly protecting the environment, not polluting, and using resources at the minimum level, and aims to continue these activities by constantly improving them.
  • We fully meet all the legal requirements and other conditions that it undertakes to comply with regarding the protection of the environment, and we aim to be an exemplary organization in the sector that adds value to the environment by working above these conditions.
  • Training of all personnel regarding environmental protection is ensured.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As Altınok Tannery's Top Management;
We guarantee that:

  • The effectiveness of our ever-developing environmental management system will be monitored and reported at an accountable level, at every level of our institution, with all our employees and stakeholders,
  • Harmonization of environmental scope and strategy with environmental policy and targets will be ensured,
  • Management systems integration will be ensured in our processes,
  • Necessary organization, resource and training needs will be provided to achieve the Objectives and Goals of the Environmental Management System,
  • The importance of all activities will be announced to our employees

General Manager
Selcuk Buncu